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to be decadent is to be beautiful

and i fall into decadence again

a girl's new beginning
22 November
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i am in love with a shitload of things, most namely art right now and a beautiful boy with huge blue eyes who calls himself Perrie :)

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Clara and Perrie                          My sexy fucking angel Perrie

my mood changes constantly, but the biggest influence has always been the seasons. it's summer (yay!) and I am tripping this year on:
* art
* france
* my ipod
* chemistry (yes, it's true)
* photography

mini bio:
likes: 17 : female : london : in college-chemistry, bio, photography : my boyfriend perrie :D : art : reading : piercings - a lot, and stretching them too :) : plays the flute : texting addict :P :

i like knowing new people!!! really!!! don't be afraid to leave me a note if ya like the sound of me or even just something i said! hehe it'd be uber-cool if you live in london and are also tripping on art. and don't mind the fancy talk... it's all just for show. :)